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Too much walking – Page 2

Marked on the tunnel is the start of the motion – there seemed to be little point in doing the drawings before this because they would be too small to be seen and too tiny to draw! From the start point I will paint the tiny figures light grey since strong colour (or black) is… Read More »

Growing up with Hanna-Barbera

The first of a series of articles on peoples cartoon favourites put together by Mike Lewis begins with Dave Dursley’s opinion of TV’s biggest supplier of cartoon entertainment. Insofar as there is respect for any kind of animation in this country, it is reserved for “Theatrical” cartoons. That is those made for the cinema –… Read More »

Growing up with Hanna-Barbera – Page 2

The alley they lived in was a great setting for their urban adventures, beautifully rendered in early decay and immortalised in the unforgettable opening credits – some of H-B’s most attractive animation. Their nemesis, Officer Dibble, was the perfect adversary, suspicious, self-centred, but with an ever-ready streak of gullibility leading him to act as a… Read More »

Trace and paint with Maggy Clark

Maggy Clark tells Animator what paint and trace is all about. It is based on a taped interview conducted by David Jefferson. I started at Halas and Batchelor, like a little factory girl sitting there painting the white bits on the cels and somebody else did the red bits or whatever, and moved into tracing… Read More »