Films at the Cambridge animation Festival 1983

David Jefferson looks at the late night feature film programmes presented at the Cambridge Animation Festival held September 1983. A strong bunch of films were chosen for the feature section of the Cambridge Festival. Some were familiar works such as THE PLAGUE DOGS and FRITZ THE CAT, others were brand new and not yet generally … Read more

Computer Games in 1984

A comment by Ken Clark Computer games are limited in their ability to produce a graphic display by the K-factor. 16K cannot be expected to generate complicated pictures in full colour. Yet, the public is being coaxed into buying and using home computers by means of a plethora of games. While this is an excellent … Read more

The Vulture – Plasticine Animation Takes Off

David Coleman tells us about Animated Black Theatre and Camera movements. Most of you have seen live-action “black theatre” puppet shows, where the stage and the puppeteers are completely dressed in black and can thus manipulate the puppets in space (without the need for strings, sticks or other obtrusive equipment) while themselves remaining “invisible”. It … Read more

The Donald Duck Story

Walt Disney Productions are celebrating Donald Duck’s 50th anniversary this year (1984). Chris Pearson looks at Donald’s long and eventful career. (Mickey Mouse is) so much of an institution that we’re limited in what we can do with him. If we have Mickey kicking someone in the pants, we get a million letters from mothers … Read more