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Issue 9 – Index of selected articles

Issue 9 – Summer 1984 TVC Animation Studio from the Beatles to the Snowman TV Cartoons Limited are better known by their initials TVC. Formed in the summer of 1957 by George Dunning and John Coates. The Shadows Move – Part Six – the rise of TV animation The feverish activity that went into the… Read More »

Issue 9 – Front cover

Animator. Summer 1984. Issue number 9. Front cover illustration: A frame from a storyboard for 7UP by Speedy Cartoons. (See Using Storyboards for Cartoon Animation) Printed in Animator’s newsletter Issue 9 (Summer 1984)

The Shadows Move – Part Six – the rise of TV animation

Much had to be accomplished in little time for scant returns. The TV figure was born; chunky little figures standing about 2—3 heads high. Entertainment series for children employed all the old short-cut methods of limited animation with simple effective draughtsmanship. During the 60’s Commercial boom time, big money was made by the enterprising, and… Read More »