Getting started in animation with Stan Hayward

        Category: Blog Technique | Article posted on: October 31, 2010

I recently came across an excellent website about creating animation called Make Movies. It belongs to scriptwriter Stan Hayward, notable for his work at the Bob Godfrey studio and in particular on the Henry’s Cat TV series.

It is a great resource for introducing children to animation because it is clearly laid out. It covers drawing simple cartoon characters and, as you might expect from a master of scriptwriting, some instructive and detailed articles on animation scriptwriting.

Writing in the blog section of the website Stan Hayward says, “My interest is mainly to get animation into schools and the community as I used to run children’s workshops, and in particular, classes for Special Needs children.”

Many of the children Stan taught had physical and mental handicaps, so techniques had to be devised to suit their capabilities. Much of the experience he gained in this work can be found on his Make Movies website.

In a section about making drawings move Stan introduces a two-page flip-book called a roller. It is so called because you roll the top page around a pencil so it curls up. To make a roller, fold a piece of A4 paper length-ways and cut it in half. Then fold it in half length-ways.

Draw a face on the bottom page without a mouth, then trace over it on the top page. Put a sad mouth on the top one and a happy mouth on the bottom one. Now roll up the top page with the pencil, and just run the pencil up and down to flip the page.

Visit Stan’s website at