Walt Disney Animation Studios – The Archive Series: Design

        Category: Book Reviews Disney | Article posted on: June 15, 2011

Whether it consists of quick sketches on a paper napkin, elaborate paintings in oil or watercolous or dazzling computer renderings, the unparalleled creative process of Disney artists is here collected and showcased. Among the incredible talents featured are Albert Hurter, Disney legend Joe Grant, Gustaf Tenggren and many more. Third in The Walt Disney Animation Studios – The Archive Series, this volume focused on design gives readers a rare opportunity to glimpse some of the most spectacular treasured from the Walt Disney Animation Research Library.

Of the three books from The Archive Series. It covers design or the concept art for animated films.

This 256-page hardcover is filled with beautiful character designs, background paintings and storyboards. There are Mary Blair’s paintings, wonderful layouts from Hans Bacher, the Lilo and Stitch drawings from Chris Sanders, pastel colour scripts from Bolt animated films and more. The art here is way more colourful than the previous two volumes on Story and Animation.

There is work dating back to the 1920s up to the latest animated films like The Princess and the Frog, and even Tangled. You will be able to see how the art has evolved with time, and the various Disney artists that have worked there and some are still working there now. There are so many styles to look at, from pencil animated characters to watercolour scenes to oil paintings.

If you have other Disney art books, some pieces of work are actually repeated, but about one fifth of the them are published here for the first time. Even so, this is a wonderful collection to get. This is a beautiful and inspiring collection.

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