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Disney animator David Hand’s influence on New Zealand animation

The book of keys.

Disney animator David Hand was invited to England in 1944 to help set up GB Animation. It was to be a studio of sufficient size and capacity with which to challenge Disney’s supremacy. Key drawings and character sheets believed to be by David Hand were later taken to New Zealand by animator Bob Morrow, with the aim of setting up a studio there. Mitchell Manuel tells the story in the following guest post.

The history of British animation

A series of articles published in Animator’s Newsletter form a comprehensive guide to the history of British animation. Film students and historians will find it a useful introduction to the subject.

In part one The Shadows Move – the British pioneers, animation historian Ken Clark looks back to the birth of the animation industry. Early cartoons such as Bert Acre’s “Tom Merry” film were little more than a filmic adaptation of what was then a popular music-hall act, a lightning artist speeded-up in miraculous manner. Stop motion filming was pioneered by Arthur Melbourne-Cooper who used it to animate matches and children’s toys.