Flipnote Monsters Creative Animation Competition

November 3, 2010

Bad egg

Flipnote Monsters has launched a Europe-wide competition created by Dentsu London for Nintendo’s Flipnote Studio, animation software for the Nintendo DSi. Nintendo has teamed up with illustrator Andrew Rae, who challenges anyone with a creative flair to create a monster of their own and submit it to the competition. The best work will be featured by Nintendo. Just create a monster on Flipnote Studio and submit it to the Flipnote Monsters channel.

Once all entries have been submitted, Andrew will select four monsters and animate them in a knockout competition where the winner will take on Andrew’s monster, Bad Egg.

Bad Egg is no normal egg. He has a special power: when provoked, a lizard hatches from his head, but his weakness is that in order to hatch he has to sit down and incubate for a while, which makes Bad Egg an easy target.

Andrew Rae works with Peepshow Collective and his work is totally playful, hand touched and a bit off-the-wall; a perfect fit for this project. His style is simple, yet highly imaginative, which easily translates into a Flipnote animation. He has created a vast back catalogue of characters, including many monster and ghouls.

The Flipnote Monsters Competition closes 21st November 2010 and the winning monsters will be revealed in a 90 second animation just before Christmas on the Flipnote Hatena website, official Nintendo site and the Nintendo Channel. So get cracking on your monster creations!

More info from Flipnote Monsters Competition.

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November 3, 2010 Category: Events