The Jerry Hibbert Masterclass

The Masterclass was held as part of British Animation Week. Ken Clark reports. “Why would any animator wish to work in advertising?” Jerry asked, “There is no say in the creation of an idea – there is no film time in which to create a true character performance – the director is answerable to agency … Read more

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The other major effect on the London companies was the success of Roger Rabbit. It ended the notion that animation features could not make money quickly and changed the needs of those people who buy animation. For the past twenty years, investors in features have been demanding their money back ever quicker. The old Disney … Read more

Don Bluth’s Animation Class

Don Bluth of Don Bluth Entertainment, Dublin, Ireland, has presented mini-seminars on animation for the benefit of his staff. The following article is based on a recording of one of these seminars. Shapes: Exercise and Impact. A character, regardless of what he is made out of, is going to stretch and snap to some degree. … Read more

Desk Top Animation

Animation is being used in a number of ways for diverse reasons: as a therapy, a teaching medium, a hobby, for entertainment, at seminars, in workshops, and in advertising studios. Then there are the Amiga computer owners who are being told by Commodore that such things are available to them. The influence of animation is … Read more

The Rolf Harris Cartoon Club

Every week our children are encouraged by Rolf Harris to “join today”, and to date over 90,000 have enthusiastically accepted the invitation, reports Ken Clark. The membership of Roll’s Cartoon Club is growing rapidly and much of its popularity is due to the efforts of the talented and open-minded team responsible for its format and … Read more

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“As a further encouragement in this series and to involve our audience at home we have organised an Original Character Design Competition. In the last programme the workshoppers animations were edited into one short film by Wendy Keay Bright.” “The cartoons we show are primarily for children,” added Martin Lamb, “therefore it is only fair … Read more

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We are seeing films from Russia, Czechoslovakia and animation from countries where it is encouraged and subsidized by the State for the entertainment of adults. In this country we tend to think of animation as being something for the kids, perhaps looked at surreptitiously by adults who feel they should not be looking. But in … Read more