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Oliver & Company: hand drawn in the Disney tradition

Set against the skylines, streets and subways of modern day New York City, Walt Disney Pictures 27th full-length animated feature, Oliver & Company is a contemporary re-telling of Dickens’ classic story. Oliver follows the misadventures of an orphaned kitten (Oliver) who is taken in by a pack of pickpocket dogs, headed by Dodger, the coolest… Read More »

Mickey Mouse – The Mouse’s Tale

Mickey Mouse celebrates his sixtieth birthday on 18th November. He grants a rare interview to Brian Sibley. He stands beside the pool, looking rather taller than I had imagined and casually dressed in slacks and a sports shirt with a Betty Boop motif. “Hi, there!” he calls in a sharp Brooklyn accent that takes me… Read More »

Mickey Mouse – The Mouse’s Tale – Page 3

I mention a picture in the album showing Mickey with Dopey and Grumpy outside the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles. “Oh, that must have been ‘thirty-seven, the premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I gate-crashed! Walt and I were going through a rather rocky spell around then. Donald was making picture after… Read More »

Fine Art Babbitt

Brian Sibley reviews Channel 4’s documentary about veteran Disney animator, Art Babbitt. For years his name languished in obscurity: official Disney historians ignored his existence, while those who wrote about Disney in critical, iconoclastic terms only ever referred to him darkly as the animator who led the Disney studio strike of 1941. Having reached the… Read More »

The fairest film of all – Snow White reassessed

Fifty years ago, this year, the cinema shifted course, slightly perhaps, but nevertheless shifted, because the first American animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was produced in Hollywood, writes Robin Allan. Not only was Snow White a product of the studio system itself but it would in turn influence that system and… Read More »