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Bob is Mainframe’s “super hero”. His mission is to save the city from evil-doors.

ReBoot is produced by Christopher Brough whose extensive experience as a writer, producer and director of film and television projects and his specialization in animation led him to become an integral part of the ReBoot team.

Chris’s career in animation has included stints as Executive Producer and Director at Hanna Barbera Studios, Vice President of Motion Picture and Television at Alchemy II Productions, and Executive Producer at DIG Studios.

Chris has also been responsible for producing prime time series and animated specials. Teddy Ruxpin, which Chris co-created, held six top ten positions in Billboard’s Home Video charts and won a VSDA Award for the Best Non-Movie Children’s Programme in 1987.

As President of Vancouver-based BLT Productions, Chris was introduced to ReBoot four years before its first air-date, a tribute to his dogged determination to make this show a televised reality.

Director of ReBoot, Richard Zondag, learned the art of traditional cel animation at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, considered the finest animation programme offered anywhere in the world. Upon graduating, Richard joined Nelvana as an animator where he worked on the successful animated feature file, The Care Bears movie and animated the adventures of Strawberry Shortcake and her friends in a television special. He then moved on to the creative development of George Lucas’s animated television series, Ewoks and Droids, based on Lucas’s sympathetic furry little characters from Star Wars.

Crossing the pond to Sullivan Bluth Studios in Dublin, Ireland, Richard directed five animated television commercials, including two that were a challenging combination of animation and live action.

During his attention to Don Bluth’s prolific feature film efforts, Richard supervised the storyboarding, character design and layout for A Troll in Central Park. Richard directed the animation for three characters, including the celebrated lead mouse, Fievel, for Steven Spielberg’s first animation project, the classic feature film An American Tale. He then went on to direct the animated antics of four memorable dinosaurs in the Land Before Time.

Megabyte’s whole evil purpose is to take over Mainframe.

Richard graduated from dinosaurs to dogs. He directed the animated tale of two classic canine characters, Charlie and Itchy, in the much loved feature All Dogs go to Heaven. For the ambitious animated musical feature, Rockadoodle, Richard directed the animation and layout, acted as sequence director and live action reference director.

Moving from Ireland to London, England, Richard joined Amblimation to work on Steven Spielberg’s most recent animated feature, We’re Back, where he directed the storyboarding, character design and layout, in addition to his role as live action reference director for the film.

Richard’s experience as a live-action reference director for traditional animation ensured that animated characters emulated the natural movements of people and animals. ReBoot provided him with a high tech directorial challenge – with inspiring results.

Ian Pearson, Co-creator and Executive Creative Consultant for ReBoot, started CAL Videos 3D computer graphics department in the early 1980’s. As head of the department, he produced computer graphics for commercials, industrial films and sequences for the feature film Electric Dreams.

On leaving CAL, Ian joined Rushes Post-Production where he was instrumental in expanding the company’s graphic facility to encompass special effects compositing using the first Quantel “Harry” in Europe. While at Rushes, Ian animated the first computer-generated characters ever seen by most television audiences for the music video classic Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. He was later appointed to the Board as Creative Director.

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