Animation Quiz

Set by Gary Timmons

1. Which character said, “I just thought I’d mention in passing, I’ve always wanted a sparkly of my very own.”?

2. Good, Truth and Beauty are characters from which Richard Williams film?

3. Who was the producer for MGM’s Tom and Jerry cartoons between 1940 and 1955?

4. What town do the Flintstones live in?

5. Which nautical character’s voice was provided by Jack Mercer?

6. In which year did the Pink Panther first star in his own series?

7. Who was granted the patent for the cel animation process in June 1915?

8. Which Halas and Batchelor cartoon has music by Kraftwerk?

9. Which famous animated cat was created by Pat Sullivan?

10. Which studio housed its animation staff in “Termite Terrace”?

11. Who directed the animation in the film Pink Floyd. The Wall?

12. How many Genie the Dinosaur cartoons did Winsor McCay make between 1909 and 1917?

13. What was the name of the vehicle which Scooby Doo and friends travelled in?

14. What type of animal is the Blue Racer?

15. Who’s animated silhouette films include The Adventures of Prince Achmed La Belle Heleneand The Seraglio?

16. Which film won an Academy Award for Chuck Jones in 1965?

17. Which character’s first appearance was in Walky Tawky Hawkyin 1946?

18. What country is puppet animator Jan Svankmajer from?

19. Who directed the animated version of Lord of the Rings?

20. What television programme had animated sequences created by Terry Gilliam?

Answers below.


Animation Quiz Answers

1. Jeremy from The Secret of NIMH
2. The Little Island
3. Fred Quimby
4. Bedrock
5. Popeye
6. 1946
7. Earl Hurd
8. Autobahn
9. Felix
10. Warner Bros.
11. Gerald Scarfe
12. Three
13. The Mystery Machine
14. A Snake
15. Lotte Remiger
16. The Dot and the Line
17. Foghorn Leghorn
18. Czechoslovakia
19. Ralph Bakshi
20. Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Printed in Animator Issue 25 (Summer 1989)