Edinburgh Film Festival 1983

Another interesting show was the student animation, ranging from the trailer for the National Film Schools next epic “1884”, very polished, Disney type animation, to some self indulgent experimental films. In contrast to the ANIMA films which I saw a few days later, they generally concentrated on movement rather than entertainment. Reading through the programme notes a month later I can’t remember anything about half the films listed.

Because the animation was only a small part of the film festival there was not the same chance to get together with other animators as at Annecy or Cambridge. There was nowhere to meet the other regulars, we just arrived for a show, watched it, then went out into the city till the next one. I don’t think I exchanged more than a dozen words with other people at the festival!

If I had known of the event earlier I would have used the ANIMA Register to try and find someone else to go with and discuss the films with, I recommend this course of action to anyone planning to attend an event like this on their own.

Line Trap 11 from “Taking a Line for a Walk”.
Starewicz, his daughter Irene and puppets from his films, in his studio.

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Originally printed in Animator’s newsletter Issue 7 (Winter 1983)