Editor’s Comment

Since the last issue of Animator’s Newsletter I have had stands at two exhibitions on behalf of Filmcraft and also the Animator’s Association.

One was LAFF with SoCo in the New Forest and the other was WIDEX-AV in London. It has been a great pleasure to meet the readers who attended these events and all the others inter­ested in animation.

The two events could not have been more different. LAFF with So-Co was a new event and not very well attended. I don’t think it was lack of publicity as it got good mentions in the cine mags. Perhaps the name of the event put people off or maybe it was too hard to get to.

WIDEX-AV by contrast drew a big crowd of widescreen enthusiasts. No doubt the venue helped, being opposite Madame Tussauds in London. It is also an event that has been going for some years.

Could it also be that the gadgetry of widescreen film making is putting back some of the fun that was taken away when auto exposure and auto everything else was added to the camera.

If that is true for widescreen then the same must apply to animation because there is lots for the practical filmmaker to do with rostrum building, light boxes etc.

With that in mind I am looking forward to a good attendance at the ANIMA Festival in September. You should get a booking form with this issue. See you there.

David Jefferson