Editor’s Comment

The big news in this issue of Animator’s newsletter is the plan to form an Animator’s Association. This will help extend the communication between readers of the newsletter.

I think that people who take up animation tend to be independent types. Animated films can be made without involving anyone else. However, there comes a time when it would be nice to share the results of your work with someone outside the family circle. This is where the Animator’s Association will come in handy.

If it all goes to plan you will be able to find out about other animators in your area and perhaps arrange a get together. There will be an annual festival where animators from all over the country can meet and show their films. Or if you prefer you will be able to contact other animators by post.

When Neil Carstairs sent me his proposals for ANIMA, The Animator’s Association I canvassed the opinions of several people and you will see their replies on the letter pages. They can see good points and they can see problems but the interesting thing is that one persons problem is another persons good point so I should think that on balance the association should work.

If you find the idea of ANIMA interesting then send in your application form while you think of it. We need lots of support to get it off the ground.

This issue is a puppet animation special. Puppets are a popular form of animation because you can get quite quick results with simple puppets. Then there is plenty of scope for developing really fine puppets and sets to rival professional productions.

We are running a competition in this issue. You don’t have to make a film to enter, just do a bit of drawing. My son, who is eight, looked over my shoulder while I was typing out the competition page and was quite keen on the idea. He was back with his entry within half an hour, suggesting I should have a junior section to make it fair on him. If there are any other juniors entering perhaps they could put their age and if there are enough I will have an extra section for them.

Issue number 4 of the newsletter will be out in March. Articles lined up so far include one on cut-out animation by Fred Wells, Morris Lakin tells us how he got on with his first cartoon production and I will be looking at the art of background painting.

Originally printed in Animator’s newsletter Issue 3 (Winter 1982)