Animated films in the IAC film library (Autumn 1982)

FOUR VIEWS – Sheila Graber. 1194
Compares the approach to landscape painting of Constable, Turner, Monet and Van Gogh.
1977 CA 16mm sound ‘Col. 125ft.

THE CAT AND THE TUNE – Sheila Graber. 1197.
Well known tune played by an animal band led by a cat.
1977 CA 16mm sound Col. 100ft,

MOVING ON – Sheila Graber. 1200
Tells of the development of transport from the dugout canoe, invention of the wheel & steam to the present day.
1977 CA 16mm sound Col. 150ft.

DIZZY DAISY — Cy Baites. 8141s
A flower tries to stop a bee landing on it by turning into a gun, etc. It is a series of visual gags.
1977 CA Standard 8 sound. Col. 6 mins.

BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR – Sheila Graber. 1202.
Film made for the police, Suggesting that anyone going away should ask a neighbor to keep an eye on their home.
1978 CA 16mm sound Col. 200ft.

MARKING TIME —Sheila Graber. 1201
An amusing portrayal of the invention of clocks and watches.
1978 CA 16mm sound Col. 100ft.

PHIL THE FLUTER’S BALL – Sheila Graber & Roger Burgess.
The ball goes at a great pace. 1199.
1978 CA 16mm sound Col. 150ft.

THE CHRISTMAS STORY – Tony and Barbara brindle. S044.
The story of the Nativity, told in Silhouette form to the song ‘Mary’s Boy Child’.
1978 CU Super 8 sound Col. 65ft.

THE KING’S JESTER – Mark Baker. S082
Cut-out animiation telling the comic tale of an accident-prone jester.
1978 CU Super 8 sound Col. l3mins.

MAKE-UP – Joanna Fryer. 1215
We see the face of a young woman as she applies make-up and imagines her ideal boyfriend. But when he arrives the glamour disappears and her face shows contempt.
1978 CA l6mm sound Col. 115ft.

T’BATLEY FAUST – Tony Hall. 1228
A stocky, unpleasant businessman sells his soul to a Yorkshire accented Mephistopheles in exchange for his lost youth.
1979 CU 16mm sound Col. 7 mins.

SVARET (The Answer) – Peter Norlund 1209.
A cartoon character questions life, and the final answer he gets is chilling but inevitable.
1979 CA 16mm sound Col. 110ft.

VARIATION – Val Ellis. S088.
Oil pastel crayons were used to colour the paper. After “fixing”, this was covered with black paint. When dry designs were scratched out, filming a few frames after each scratch.
1979 CA Super 8 sound Col. 4 mins.

THE SPIDER IN THE BATH – Tony Salmon. S099.
A sort of bath-time situation comedy.
1980 CA Super 8 sound Col. 3 mins.

AN ODD ODE – Mollie Butler. S035
Amusing cartoon of a poem about a little girl and what she grows into, or rather what grows out of her.
1980 CA Super 8 Col. Sound 50ft.

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY – Derek Vane. 5102
An animated musical extravaganza that all but brings the house down.
1980 CU Super 8 sound Col. 4 mins.

BING – Simon Margetts. S65
An extremely lifelike caricature of Bing Crosby singing ‘White Christmas’.
1981 CA Super 8 sound Col. 3 mins.

MAGNUM OPUS – Mollie Butler. 8063
Made with the year of the disabled person in mind. Set to the film makers own poem, it tells the story of a musical note which is “drawn defective” in the conductor’s score.
1981 CA Super 8 sound Col. 3 mins.

TOCCATA – Ralph Edward Bell. 3056
Set to Bach’s organ music it shows the effect of pollution on the environment.
1981 CA Super 8 Sound Col. 5 mins.

FLIGHT – Peter Dobing. 3054
The Flight of the Bumble Bee as it steers a dangerous path through the hazards of war.
1981 CU Super 8 sound Col. 2 mins.

NATTY DREAD SHE WANT – Kelvin Richard so66.
Visual interpretation of reggae music. A splendidly fresh idea.
1981 CA Super 8 sound Col. 4 mins.

HEAD OF THE DREAD. Kelvin P. Richard. S114.
Conveys the feelings and meaning of it’s ideas by a combination of techniques set to reggae music.
1982 CA Super 8 sound Col. 4 mins.

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