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Pixar – A Human Story of Computer Animation (2005)

Ed Catmull appeared along with Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton and others for a panel talk on the history of computer animation that was held at The Computer History Museum 6 years ago. It runs for one hour and forty minutes. Ed Catmull was Co-Founder and President, Pixar Animation Studios. Brad Bird was writer/director on The… Read More »

Mickey Mouse in Plane Crazy (1928)

Mickey tries to emulate his hero, Charles Lindberg, and woo Minnie with his own, homemade airplane. Directed by Walt Disney. This was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon to be made. A silent version was previewed in Los Angeles, but failed to impress audiences, so did not go on general release. A second cartoon, The Gallopin’… Read More »

The Skeleton Dance – Walt Disney (1929)

If you’ve got skeletons like this in your cupboard then I’d hate to be your next door neighbour! Ub Iwerks takes the stage, with pencil in hand, to bring life to the dead in this classic Disney short. The first Silly Symphony chose dancing skeletons to combine sound and vision, opening new doors for the… Read More »

Steamboat Willie – Walt Disney (1928)

Walt was good at firsts and he produced the first cartoon talkie. As a very young Mr – Mickey Mouse smashes, bashes and crashes every thing in sight. To a musical ding-dong he crash, bang, walloped his way into movie history, writes Paul Thomas in Animator mag.