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Prepare for the Science Fair by Kevin Temmer (2011)

Kevin Temmer recently graduated from the International Baccalaureate program at Land O’ Lakes High School in Florida. As part of the community outreach program, Kevin created this video to inform students about the science fair. Kevin will be attending the Ringling College of Art and Design as a computer animation major this fall.

Jean-Luc by Julien Daubas (2010)

The style of this video is reminiscent of Tex Avery, with frantic action and sexual innuendo. It was made at the l’école des Gobelins, France by Julien Daubas, Fabien Guillaume, Jérémy Macedo, Jean-Baptiste Maligne, Paul Nivet and Arthur Peltzer with the aid of Ugo Bienvenu.

Betty by Jessica Wainwright (2010)

Betty is a Welsh woman whose interests and tastes are told through this animation. It is a superb character study with a range of deftly handled techniques. It won the IdeasTap: Short Animation Competition 2011. Directed by Jessica Wainwright at Newport University, Wales. Initially intent on making 2D hand drawn films, she made the transition… Read More »

Bridge by Ting Tey (2010)

Four animal characters are trying to cross a narrow bridge but end up as obstacles to one another in the process. The story revolves around how disagreements can be the result of pride and obstinacy. This is Ting Tey’s animation Thesis Film made at the Academy of Art University. More info from: tingtey.com.