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Thru the Mirror – Walt Disney (1936)

“A Mickey Mouse short (not to be confused with the later Alice in Wonderland – Walt, how could you!). A marvellous sequence when Mickey fights an army of playing cards with a fountain pen”, writes Godfrey Jones in Animator mag. This video is introduced by Walt Disney.

The Skeleton Dance – Walt Disney (1929)

If you’ve got skeletons like this in your cupboard then I’d hate to be your next door neighbour! Ub Iwerks takes the stage, with pencil in hand, to bring life to the dead in this classic Disney short. The first Silly Symphony chose dancing skeletons to combine sound and vision, opening new doors for the… Read More »

Steamboat Willie – Walt Disney (1928)

Walt was good at firsts and he produced the first cartoon talkie. As a very young Mr – Mickey Mouse smashes, bashes and crashes every thing in sight. To a musical ding-dong he crash, bang, walloped his way into movie history, writes Paul Thomas in Animator mag.