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Is your cat confused by the AV referendum? (2011)

If you are confused about how the Alternative Vote (AV) works then think how your cat must feel. This video demonstrates that a novel approach, with a mixture of live action and animation, can bring a subject alive. People in the UK vote on a possible switch from First Past the Post to an AV… Read More »

The Dingles by Les Drew (1988)

Created by award-winning animator/director Les Drew, this animated short features Doris Dingle and her family of three cats. Sure to appeal to children of all ages, The Dingles shows what happens when an unexpected violent wind disrupts the family’s idyllic life. The film is based on the book The Dingles, written by Helen Levchuk and… Read More »

Henry’s Cat: The Holiday (1984)

Bob Godfrey was the voice of Henry’s Cat as well as being the producer. The first episode was screened on BBC TV in 1983 and went on for five series. Scripts were written by Stan Hayward. Henry himself never appeared on screen; the name was an allusion to an earlier one-off Hayward/Godfrey collaboration, Henry 9… Read More »