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Barry Purves on Structuring Animation Film (2011)

Stop-motion animator Barry Purves was a guest speaker at the Bradford Animation Festival, UK in November 2011. In this video clip he talks about story structure with illustrations from his latest animation project entitled Plume. Barry has won over sixty major international awards, including Grand Prix, Best Director, Best Film, and OSCAR and BAFTA nominations.… Read More »

Storm the Movie by Tim Minchin (2011)

Storm is a 9-minute beat poem that has become an anthem for critical thinking people worldwide. At a London dinner party, Tim argues with a hippy named Storm. He describes a society where science is attacked as the enemy of religion, alternative medicine given credence and public funding, and psychics have prime time TV exposure.… Read More »

Today Only by Toby Jackman (2009)

Toby Jackman’s grauation film from the National Film and Television School is a gentle story that follows the progress of a cat and the characters she comes in contact with along the way. It is beautifully visualised and animated. Toby Jackman’s blog: http://tobyjackman.com/

Um Bongo advert by Oscar Grillo (1983)

Another colourful fruit drink advertisement from Oscar Grillo at Klacto Animations. Their earlier Kia-Or advert established a new trend and led to them being commissioned to make the Umbongo for Leo Burnett in 1983, a commercial still shown today. Oscar Grillo was featured in a article in Animator issue number 22 (Spring 1988).

Kia Ora advert by Oscar Grillo (1982)

This soft drink advertisement has a strong resemblance to Oscar Grillo’s colourful animation for the Linda McCartney song Seaside Woman. The Kia Ora advert was directed and animated by Oscar Grillo at Klacto Animations. The characters carrying the piano at the end are by Ted Rockley and the complete tracing was by Lyn Rockley. Oscar… Read More »

Sunbeam by Paul Vester (1980)

A zippy and colourful animation directed by Paul Vester at Speedy Cartoons, London, UK. The visuals were based on drawings Paul did whilst staying in Venice, California, USA. More info: Cartoon Brew