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Making of 女孩陰毛 by Alberto Mielgo (2010)

A sensuous female is brought to life with pencil animation in the Philips 女孩陰毛 commercial. The clip announces that it does not use rotoscoping and goes on to prove it. Amazing work from Alberto Mielgo who is a master draughtsman with great control over colour and light as well as a skilful animator. More info… Read More »

Looks That Kill by Kevin Dart (2011)

This is a short to promote a book by Californian artist and animator Kevin Dart. He dreamed up the character of Yuki 7 while in London on a business trip in 2008. Yuki and her glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle provided an outlet for Kevin’s fascination with the 1960s, retro spy flicks, and powerful female characters. Long… Read More »

Tiji Colour by Akama (2011)

A black and white forest is coloured in vibrant hues before our eyes, except for one sad little panda, which stirs compassion in an imaginative little boy. It is simple, bold and emotional.

Um Bongo advert by Oscar Grillo (1983)

Another colourful fruit drink advertisement from Oscar Grillo at Klacto Animations. Their earlier Kia-Or advert established a new trend and led to them being commissioned to make the Umbongo for Leo Burnett in 1983, a commercial still shown today. Oscar Grillo was featured in a article in Animator issue number 22 (Spring 1988).

Kia Ora advert by Oscar Grillo (1982)

This soft drink advertisement has a strong resemblance to Oscar Grillo’s colourful animation for the Linda McCartney song Seaside Woman. The Kia Ora advert was directed and animated by Oscar Grillo at Klacto Animations. The characters carrying the piano at the end are by Ted Rockley and the complete tracing was by Lyn Rockley. Oscar… Read More »

Rolo Ad by Richard Williams Studio (1981)

Back in the day adverts were much cuter. This Rolo ad from the Richard Williams Animation Studio was painstakingly restored by overlaying two different video copies. Noise reduction software was used to take out some dirt and dropouts. There is more information about the restoration at FFrevolution.