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The Sandman by Paul Berry (1992)

Director Paul Berry went on to work on Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. His influence on Nightmare is clear from this short. It is a bedtime story for adults that was based on a Hoffman story. It was nominated for an “Oscar” for Best Animated Short Film in 1992.

Luxo Jr – Pixar (1986)

Luxo Jr. was the first film produced by Pixar Animation Studios, following its establishment as an independent film studio. The film demonstrates the use of shadow maps to simulate the shifting light and shadow given by the animated lamps.

The Skeleton Dance – Walt Disney (1929)

If you’ve got skeletons like this in your cupboard then I’d hate to be your next door neighbour! Ub Iwerks takes the stage, with pencil in hand, to bring life to the dead in this classic Disney short. The first Silly Symphony chose dancing skeletons to combine sound and vision, opening new doors for the wonderful world of animation, writes Paul Thomas in Animator mag.