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Joanna Quinn – Body Beautiful (1990)

Body Beautiful is about a woman who keeps being harassed by her aerobics instructor and her attempts to get even with him on a Body Beautiful contest both are entering. It ends on a rap number she does that embarrasses him.

Body Beautiful Part 2

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Paul Driessen – The killing of an egg (1977)

A man is about to eat a soft-boiled egg. As he’s cracking the egg he can hear a voice coming from within telling him to stop. Every time he hits the egg, someone from within the egg yells at him. Then the film switches to the man inside the egg.

Lavatory – Lovestory (2008)

This is a Russian cartoon about a lonely lady who is an attendant in a public toilet. It is a gently amusing story with a sympathetic lead character. It was nominated for an Academy Award in 2008. It was made at the Russian Melnitsa Animation Studio by Konstantin Bronzit.

Stop Motion Animation: A New Frontier (2009)

A tongue-in-cheek look at making a career in stop motion animation. The video begins with; “When you don’t get a lot of acting work you have to make the magic happen and I’ve always had a love of stop motion animation.” See more movie career sillisness from this presenter on the LOOinLONDON YouTube page.

The Big Snit – Richard Conde (1985)

It is the story of a married couple who get into an argument while playing Scrabble. Their cat chews through the power cable for their television, so that they don’t notice that a nuclear war has begun. It was nominated an Academy Award (Animated Short Film). In 1994 it was voted number 25 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field.