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Back to the Start by Johnny Kelly (2011)

Coldplay’s haunting classic ‘The Scientist’ is performed by country music legend Willie Nelson for the soundtrack of this stop-frame animation entitled, “Back to the Start.” It depicts the life of a farmer as he slowly turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory before seeing the errors of his ways and opting for a more sustainable future. It was directed and animated by Johnny Kelly and commissioned by Chipotle Mexican Grill. Johnny, who is from Dublin, Ireland works in London, UK. He is represented by Nexus Productions.

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The Life and Career of Steve Jobs by Next Media (2011)

The life and career of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs compressed into two minutes of computer animation. Jobs resigned his position as Chief Operating Officer at Apple last week (24/08/2011) and was elected chairman of the board. The video was produced by Taiwanese animation studio Next Media.

Copia A by Gervasio Rodríguez Traverso (2009)

The adventures and misfortunes of Demódoco, a projectionist, who discovers by chance a one-of-a-kind way to get pleasure. However, abusing it leads to risky consequences. It was produced by Trexel Animation, Buenos Aires, Argentina, without any budget in the free time available during the studio´s commercial projects. Script, design and animation by Gervasio Rodríguez Traverso and Pablo Alberto Díaz.

Tooth Fairy Affair by Izabela Melamed (2011)

This is beautifully crafted traditional animation in pencil on paper. The pencil lines really add energy to the animation and the hands are particularly impressive. Tooth Fairy Affair was directed and animated by Izabela Melamed. Izabela is a character animator, storyboard artist and animation director. Career highlights include her work at National Cartoon Animation Studio Sofia in Bulgaria, Anima Studios in Israel and Wild Brain in San Francisco, United States.

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FLUX by Candas Sisman (2010)

Candaş Şişman’s video dedicated to famous sculptor İlhan Koman was produced for the exhibition İlhan Koman: Hulda Festival, a Journey into Art and Science held in 2010. A red circle, which is colored in reference to the red radiators of Ogre, is traced in a morphological transformation which re-interprets the formal approach of Koman’s works.

Jean-François by Tom Haugomat & Bruno Mangyoku (2009)

A champion swimmer wins his race, and yet seems haunted by images from his childhood. Directed by Bruno Mangyoku and Tom Haugomat, the film was co-produced by Cube Creative in France. This film received the ‘Jean Luc Xiberras de la première oeuvre’ award at the Annecy Festival 2010.

Trim by Peter Simon (2011)

An amazing haircut is documented by stop frame pixilation in reverse. All the hair belongs to Tom Offer-Westort. Trim was directed and filmed by Peter Simon. The hair cutter was Abby Simon. Peter Simon explained: “Tom had been talking about shaving his head all summer. He actually wanted to make a short film in which he played 3 different characters; one full hair/beard, one razored off, and one in between, but the script never came to be. He still wanted to shave his head so I said let us film it in a fun way. It took about 4.5 hours to shoot.”

Zero by Christopher Kezelos (2009)

Born into a world of numbers, an oppressed zero discovers that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something. Zero was written and directed by Christopher Kezelos. Christopher graduated from Sydney University, majoring in film production. For more than a decade he has worked as a writer, producer, director and editor on ads, online videos and award winning short films through his production company Zealous Creative.

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