Animator – published 1982 to 1995

Animator magazine was published between 1982 and 1995. Here are all 33 issues. I am sure that animation enthusiasts will find inspiration among the pages of Animator magazine, particularly if they are making their own films. Those who are studying the history of animation will be able to mine a rich vein of information from the pages of Animator.

Issue 1 – Summer 1982

Making the film Nightmare
The Grasshopper Group – part 1
Tony Salmon’s The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Building an Animation Rostrum – part 1

Issue 2 – Autumn 1982

Making the Legend of Bolster
The Grasshopper Animators – part 2
Building an Animation Rostrum – part 2
Cutting the cost of cel animation
Animation by a young film maker
Animated films in the IAC film library

Issue 3 – Winter 1982

The Grasshopper Animators – part 3
Making Puppets for Stop-motion Films
Building an Animation Rostrum – part 3
The Perils of Plasticine
Setting the Scene
Visit to FilmFair Animation Studios

Issue 4 – Spring 1983

Film Workshop in Edinburgh 1983
The Shadows Move – the British pioneers
Drawing a Cartoon Face
Cut-out Animation with UFOs
Beginners’ View of Animation
Open Letter to an Enthusiast

Issue 5 – Summer 1983

The Films of Sheila Graber part 1
Planning your animation film
The Shadows Move – the 1930s
Drawing Cartoon Figures
Reminiscences of an animator
Squaring the Circle
Jazz in Animation – Experimental

Issue 6 – Autumn 1983

Labour Saving Animation with Lip-sync
The Shadows Move – the 1940s
The Films of Sheila Graber Part 2
Group Animation – Our First Attempt
Drawing Cartoons – how to show expressions
Cambridge Animation Festival 1983
Bugs Bunny Signs Up

Issue 7 – Winter 1983

Skywhales from Animation City
How to build a Zoetrope
Australian animation in the 1970s
John Halas on computer animation
The Shadows Move – G.B. Animation
The Annecy Animation Festival 1983
The Cambridge Animation Festival 1983

Issue 8 – Spring 1984

The Wind in the Willows – Cosgrove Hall
The Brussels Super 8 Film Festival 1983
The Shadows Move – the 1950s
Metamorphosis with Cut-outs
What’s Up Doc?
The photo’s of Eadweard Muybridge
Gallery by Mark Fuller

Issue 9 – Summer 1984

TVC Animation Studio – Beatles to the Snowman
The Shadows Move – Part Six – TV animation
Walk-Run Cycles for Cartoon Animation
Cambridge animation Festival 1983
The Vulture – Plasticine Animation Takes Off
Animated Sketch Book – getting good movement
The Donald Duck Story

Issue 10 – Autumn 1984

The Shadows Move – the 1970s
The Art Babbitt Classical Animation Course
Art Babbitt by Richard Williams
Siriol and SuperTed
How to be a Racing Driver
Richard Taylor’s Swimsong
Animation Workshops with Young People

Issue 11 – Winter 1984

Ken Clark chats with Richard Williams
Animated cartoons televised in the USA
Hierographics trace and paint service
The kitchen as an puppet animation studio
Art Babbitt’s animation seminar
Scratch and Tiger Trax Animation
Fans of Japanese animation

Issue 12 – Spring 1985

Highlights of British animation 1985
Disney Animator Ollie Johnston
Harold Whitaker : A professional animator
Ken Clark with Dick and Elizabeth Horn
The making of Izzi Knott Cocky
Growing up with Hanna-Barbera
Trace and paint with Maggy Clark

Issue 13 – Summer 1985

From Mr Man to Bananaman – Flicks Films
Bye! Bye! Biographic Studios
Clarence Nash – The Voice of Donald Duck
History of animated commercials
How animation paint is made
Alan Kitching and ANTICS computer animation
Experiment with animating abstract shapes

Issue 14 – Winter 1985

Annecy Animation Festival 1985
George Pal Puppetoons – the early years
Wolfgang Reitherman remembered
Early Animated Adverts programme at the NFT
Computer animation at Lucasfilm
Arthur Humberstone senior animator
D.I.Y Rostrum part 1

Issue 15 - Spring 1986
Issue 15 – Spring 1986

Bob Godfrey interview
A He-Man leads the U.S.A. $yndication War$
Disneyland – the greatest walk-thru cartoon
Cambridge Animation Festival 1985
Animation stew from The Black Cauldron
D.I.Y. Rostrum Part Two
Cameras might fly – Beowulf in Plasticine

Issue 16 - Summer 1986
Issue 16 – Summer 1986

Tony White interview
John Coates of TVC animation studio
Will the REAL Walt Disney
Walt Disney’s Pinocchio
Micro-computer rostrum control
D.I .Y. Rostrum – Part Three
A personal view of cel collecting

Issue 17 - Autumn 1986
Issue 17 – Autumn 1986

The puppet workshop at Cosgrove Hall
The design team at Cosgrove Hall
Painting the cels at Cosgrove Hall
Brian Cosgrove co-founder of Cosgrove Hall
Mark Hall co-founder of Cosgrove Hall
John Hambley Chief Executive Cosgrove Hall
Great Mouse – Great Movie

Issue 18 - Spring 1987
Issue 18 – Spring 1987

Rushes Postproduction Ltd in London
Camera Effects Ltd in London
Sean Lenihan on Editing Animated Films
The Masters of Animation collection
Whatever happened to Signal Film Unit?
David Hall’s Wonderland
The Video-of-the-Film-of-the-Book

Issue 19 - Summer 1987
Issue 19 – Summer 1987

The making of When the Wind Blows
Blowing in the wind – film review
My Favourite Shorts
Tribute to Norman McLaren
The career of David Hand
GB Animation
Make Mine Disney

Issue 20 - Autumn 1987
Issue 20 – Autumn 1987

Annecy Animated Film Festival 1987
Advice to the aspiring cartoonist
My Top Ten animated films
Behind the scenes of Snow White
Snow White – Disney’s fabulous folly
Pondles join pre-school market

Issue 21 - Winter 1987
Issue 21 – Winter 1987

Annecy Festival 1987
Girl’s night out – Joanna Quinn
Fine Art Babbitt
Snow White reassessed
Adriana Caselotti, voice of Snow White
An American Tail
Snow White meets Giovanni Morelli

Issue 22 - Spring 1988
Issue 22 – Spring 1988

Klacto – Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley
The Bristol Animation Festival 1987
The Great Animation Debate
Collecting animation art
Stowaways on the Ark
The Best of British Animation programme
Perspective for animators part one

Issue 23 - Summer 1988
Issue 23 – Summer 1988

Cartoons, Computers and Antics
Mickey Mouse – The Mouse’s Tale
The International Festival Stuttgart ’88
Bob Godfrey workshop lecture
Graham Clutterbuck, director of FilmFair
Jiri Barta and The Pied Piper
Perspective for Animators part two

Issue 24 - Winter 1988
Issue 24 – Winter 1988

Richard Williams and Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Who Framed Roger Rabbit – background pictures
Roger Rabbit film review
Animating for Hartbeat
Winsor McCay, His Life and Art
Perspective for Animators Part Three
Cartoons, Computers and Antics

Issue 25 - Summer 1989
Issue 25 – Summer 1989

Nik Lever of Catalyst Pictures
Paul Driessen Workshop
Tribute to Eric Larson
Annecy Animation Festival 1989
Ray Fields workshop lecture
Book reviews
The Ballad of Dr Scratch

Issue 26 - Spring 1990
Issue 26 – Spring 1990

Don Bluth’s search for classical excellence
The Sullivan Bluth Studios in Ireland
Animation Festival Bristol ’89
Channel 4: commissioning animation
Oliver & Company review
Bernie Kay: Scriptwriting for Animation
John Halas Profile

Issue 27 - Summer 1990
Issue 27 – Summer 1990

The Rolf Harris Cartoon Club
The Likely Lads from Rolf’s Cartoon Club
A reappraisal of Disney’s Melody Time
Martin Cheek stop-frame puppet animation
Father Robert Murphy meets Grim Natwick
Desk Top Animation
Animation and education – Stan Heyward

Issue 28 - Autumn 1991
Issue 28 – Autumn 1991

Peter Lord interviewed at Aardman Animations
The Worldview of Youri Norstein
Psychology for the animator – Mind over pencil
Howard Beckerman New York animator interview
Goblin – a bedroom studio winner
I’m just mad about Saffron
Whatever happened to Sunflower?

Issue 29 - Spring 1992
Issue 29 – Spring 1992

Sheila Graber on computer animation
Annecy Animation Festival 1991
Is there a future in short animated fiction?
The history of the animation cel
Flip-books – More than child’s play
DeluxPaint Animation
Computer Assisted Traditional Animation

Issue 30 - Spring 1993
Issue 30 – Spring 1993

Animation Festival Cardiff 1992
From Student to Professional
Visual Effects on Terminator 2
Meet Klasky Csupo
Don Bluth’s Animation Class
Barry Purves Screenplay
National Film and Television School

Issue 31 - Spring 1994
Issue 31 – Spring 1994

Ken Anderson: Disney Artist
Halas & Batchelor Reformed
GILES – 50 Years Celebration
Annecy Animation festival 1993
Jerry Hibbert Masterclass
Animation Before Computers

Issue 32 - Spring 1995
Issue 32 – Spring 1995

John Halas
Animation Festival Cardiff 1994
Producers – Who needs them?
The Pizazz scene Flock of Birds
Anim-Amiga – Part Two
Animation:Master review
Allah v. Disney

Issue 33 - Summer 1995
Issue 33 – Summer 1995

This is the last issue of
Animator that was published

Don Messick: the man with a million voices
The ReBoot TV series
Animating with the Amiga
The Rose of Baghdad
Graham Ralph: From Spider to Opera